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The Office of the Republic of Slovenia for Youth is a public authority responsible for the field of youth and realisation of the public interest in the youth sector at the national level. It is an independent body within the Ministry for education and sport since 1991.

The Office for Youth prepares regulations and measures for the youth sector. It promotes non-formal learning processes to increase competences of youth in their transition from childhood to adulthood. It develops suitable mechanisms for supporting youth organisations and organisations for youth which are of key importance for promoting active youth participation.


In 2009, the Slovenian Government established the Council of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia for Youth, a consultative body that proposes measures and monitors the consideration of youth interests in various public policies at the national level. The Council gives the Government and the responsible ministries incentives and suggestions for the regulation of youth matters and, in particular, promotes youth participation in these processes. The Council which comprises representatives of youth organisations and various ministries on an equal basis is chaired by the Minister of Education and Sport.