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The Office for Youth in cooperation with other public authorities and local communities monitors the situation of youth and the effects of measures targeting youth in order to ensure their needs and interest are considered well in policy-making.



1. The Office for Youth prepares and implements regulations and measures for the youth sector

The Youth Act (ZJIMS) adopted in 2010 also serves as a basis for the adoption of the National Programme for Youth as the key strategic document comprehensively specifying the development of public policies intended for youth until 2020. It is expected to be adopted by the end of 2011.

2. The Office for Youth financially supports youth programmes and programmes for youth

Every year, the Office for Youth issues a public call for the co-financing of the programmes of youth organisations and organisations for youth. All organisations of the public interest in the youth sector are eligible to co-financing. In 2015, the programmes of 12 national youth organisations, 57 youth centres, and 35 other non-governmental organisations in the youth sector have been co-financed.

1,903,800 euros was allocated for this purpose in 2015 (including financial support for the programme of the Youth Council of Slovenia and for the National Agency of the Youth in Action Programme).

In the period between 2007 and 2014, the resources of the European Social Fund (ESF) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) are also being used for the development of the youth sector and increasing youth competences.

By the end of 2011, with the help of ERDF resources, Slovenia have established ten new youth centres with accommodation capacities of 420 beds, and with total investment of approximately 6,5 million euros.

With ESF resources in the amount of 4 million euros, eight thematic networks have been established, which consist of youth organisations and external partners, in order to help young people gain better social, civic, and cultural competences. Parallel with this, the youth sector in Slovenia is being strengthened.


3. The Office for Youth monitors the situation of youth and promotes research in the field of youth

In order to develop and implement youth policy, one should be familiar with and understand the living conditions, values, and behaviour of young people. Better knowledge is a must for sound policy. In 2010, a comprehensive research on the characteristics of Slovenian youth and their position in society was carried out. It is a tool for a suitable and evidence-based youth policy in Slovenia.

4. The Office for Youth provides youth access to information

At the governmental level, the Office for Youth is responsible for ensuring a uniform strategy for providing information and counselling in the field of youth. In 2010, the youth communication and information centre was established as a central point for information important and useful for the youth sector and youth. The Office for Youth also provides access to international information and supports the programs of the Eurodesk network in Slovenia, the Ej!Kartica youth card, and other activities in relation to providing information to and advising youth in Slovenia, at the national and local levels.

5. The Office for Youth participates in the competent bodies of the European Union, the Council of Europe, and other international organisations and networks relating to youth

The Office for Youth ensures that the youth sector in Slovenia is developing in accordance with the priority objectives of the youth policy at the European level. The European framework of cooperation in the field of youth until 2018 is of key importance for the current and future periods. It was adopted in November 2009 by the ministers responsible for youth. The Office for Youth promotes the international mobility and participation of youth and supports the Youth in Action Programme. The national agency MOVIT NA MLADINA is responsible for the implementation of the decentralised part of the programme with the financial support and under the supervision of the Office for Youth.